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Moving Lights

We carry extensive stocks of moving lights from Robe and other manufacturers:

  • Robe 600E LED Wash
  • Robe 600E Spot
  • Robe 575AT Wash Zoom
  • Robe 575AT Spot


  • Avolites Pearl, Diamond 4
  • Chamsys MagicQ PC, MagicQ MQ100
  • Full range of dimming and mains distribution
  • DMX distribution & Artnet
  • Large stock of cable

Generic Lighting

  • Parcans (LED & Incandescent)
  • Full range of profiles & fresnels
  • Pinspots
  • Followspots (1200HMI to SuperTroupers)


  • Martin Atomic3K and other 3k strobes
  • UV
  • Various Smoke machines and hazers


  • Electric & Manual Chain hoists
  • Large range of spansets, steels and other rigging hardware
  • Motor control
  • Various sizes of truss and other assorted hardware


If there's anything else that you require that is not on the list, please get in touch and discuss your requirements with us.